2017 Solar Eclipse

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eclipse 2017


Enjoy the 2017 Solar Eclipse In Payette County, ID

Payette County offices will be closed on August 21, 2017 except for the following offices. The Sheriff’s Department, Court Offices, Road & Bridge Department, and Clay Peak Landfill will remain open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

On August 21, 2017, Payette County will experience a total solar eclipse.  This rare event will not happen again for over 400 years.  We hope that everyone visiting Payette County will have a safe and memorable experience.

We are anticipating a large number of people to come into and through our community as early as August 16th and staying as late as August 23rd. The estimated number of people varies, but will likely be large enough to impact services that we are typically used to having available to us.

Please note that the traffic pattern on Highway 95 will remain unchanged with both north and south bound traffic.


General safety information:

  • An extremely high volume of traffic could mean extended travel delays following the eclipse.  Be prepared with adequate fuel and water in your vehicle at all times. Please make sure to allow yourself extra time, or to not travel, if it is not necessary.
  • WEAR PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR. You must have protective eyewear to view the partial phases of the eclipse.  Plan ahead.
  • High communications demand could impair cell phone use.  Use a regular landline phone when possible. If you attempt to call on your cell phone, do not hang up if your call does not go through right away. Your call is put in a que and you will eventually move to the top so that the call will go through. If you hang up and redial, then you will always be at the bottom of the que and your call will not connect
  • 90% of our 911 calls come from Cell phones. If you need Emergency help and cannot get a 911 call to go through, try to Text 911. It may go through easier.
  • August is often the peak season for fire danger.  Use extreme caution with any type of fire use.  Always completely extinguish all camp fires after use.  Aerial fireworks are prohibited in Idaho.
  • For more general information and Local Events: https://visitidaho.org/eclipse/


Payette County has received an increased quantity of public inquiries about the upcoming Solar Eclipse. In order to combat the high call volume a public phone number for citizens to call with questions related to the Eclipse has been established. Our employees will be able to better assist the public with updated information. The public can contact Payette County at (208) 947-7857 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Payette County will have an activated Emergency Operation Center starting the weekend prior to August 21st, 2017 that will be assisting departments with coordination as well as providing information to the public as needed.

In preparation for this event Payette County has planned for an increase in public needs. They have conducted tests of all equipment that will be utilized during the Solar Eclipse in order to be prepared to assist the public’s needs.