Meet the Staff

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Ross Pittman


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Joshua L. Dolton

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   Joshua Dolton is the Chief Deputy Prosecutor for Payette County. He grew up in Ontario and worked at the Malheur County District Attorney’s Office before joining the Payette County Prosecutor’s Office in 2011. He has a bachelor’s degree from College of Idaho and his Juris Doctorate from University of Idaho. Josh is married with two kids. He is an avid Yankees fan and shares his love of baseball by spending his free time coaching. He is also a devotee of everything Stars Wars, so much so that he believes May 4 should be national holiday.


Margo Anderson

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   Margo Anderson is the Deputy Prosecutor. She was born in Idaho and grew up in Spokane, Washington. Margo earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and received her law degree from the University of Idaho. She started in Payette County in 2014. Margo is engaged to be married and is the mother of an eight year old Pomerania/Pekinese mix, Bailey. Margo had travelled to China, Japan, England, Mexico and many U.S. States, but calls Idaho home.


 Suzie Burley 

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 Suzie is the Victim Witness coordinator for Payette County. She grew up in Fruitland and now calls Payette home. She is married and has two daughters and 5 grandchildren.  Suzie has mastered the ins and outs of the criminal justice system and is a tireless advocate for those in need.



Wendy Grigsby

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            Wendy Grigsby is a legal assistant for Payette County. She has also worked as a dispatcher for Payette County. Wendy grew up in Boise. She is only 5 feet tall, but is a powerful presence. She has one son, who is set to graduate from high school this year, and a dog named Floyd. Much like Wendy, Floyd is tiny but ferocious! Wendy is the person at the office who knows the answer to whatever question you may have.


  Mandie Loughran

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            Mandie (Amanda) is the most recent employee to join the Prosecutor’s Office. Prior to signing on to become a legal assistant, Mandie worked as the misdemeanor probation officer for Payette County. Mandie is married and has three kids and two dogs. Mandie enjoys canning and making deer jerky in her spare time, which her office mates love too! She also makes cupcakes so delicious the “Cake Boss” would be jealous if he knew.