All Hazards Mitigation Plan

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Draft Payette County Hazard Mitigation Plan

In 2019, the Payette County Office of Emergency Management (PCOEM) contracted with Northwest
Management Inc. (NMI) to update the Payette County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan. The update
included an in-depth risk assessment for natural hazards in Payette County and the development of a list
of mitigation projects aimed at protecting county residents, property, natural resources, infrastructure,
and the local economy from the impacts of the following hazards: Flood, Landslides, Severe Weather,
Wildland Fire, and Earthquake.

This Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan (NHMP) for Payette County, Idaho, is the result of analysis, professional
collaboration, and assessments of natural hazards and other factors focused on reducing threats to
people, structures, infrastructure, and unique ecosystems in Payette County. This document assists with
the identification and assessment of various potential hazards and helps maintain Payette County’s
eligibility for grants and other funding. This NHMP will include the county’s Community Wildfire Protection
Plan as a component within the main document.

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