Maintenance/Custodial Technician (MCT)


Maintenance/Custodial Technician (MCT)

Starting Wage: $16.00 /Hr. DOE
Closing Date: Open until filled
Position Type: Full Time Position
Reports to: IT Director
Supervisory Responsibilities: None

Location: Payette County Courthouse Compound (DMV, Courthouse, Misdemeanor/ JV Probation, and Prosecutor office)

General Function:

The Maintenance/Custodial Technician (MCT) worker is responsible for the overall maintenance and upkeep of the Payette County Courthouse, DMV, Misdemeanor and Juvenile Probation and Prosecuting Attorney facilities and grounds.  The MCT is responsible to keep all buildings and grounds in good working order, and always maintain safety and cleanliness in all areas.  Responsible for moving furniture and equipment when cleaning.  Includes removing snow and/or ice from all sidewalks, exterior entrances and walkways. The MCT shall maintain offices, restrooms, and associated areas, their furnishings and equipment using manual tools and electrically powered machines.

Essential Duties:

  1. Be able to perform all job-related tasks with a minimum of supervision.
  2. MCT is responsible for completing a walkthrough of all facilities and grounds a minimum of weekly and proving a list of needs and scheduled repairs to the Supervisor. MCT will also create and maintain a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cleaning schedule approved by the Supervisor.
  3. Be able to work cooperatively and maintain a good rapport with county employees.
  4. Be able to maintain confidentiality of any knowledge of courthouse matters and/or affairs.
  5. Perform routine maintenance on building systems.
  6. Troubleshoots issues to determine necessary repairs and schedule such repairs to be completed or report issues to the supervisor if necessary.
  7. Cleans and does general upkeep of the facilities.
  8. Order supplies and materials as needed with supervisor approval.
  9. Perform regular, scheduled, and directed carpet and upholstery maintenance by using manual tools and equipment or operating powered carpet extractors, shampooers, and vacuums.
  10. Cleans building furnishings (which may require limited moving of those furnishings) by dusting, washing, and/or polishing office furniture and equipment such as desks, chairs, tables, work processing cabinets, file cabinets handrails, heat and air conditioning registers.
  11. Washing all interior and exterior glass including mirrors and door glass.
  12. Remove all trash from the buildings by collecting trash from various trash containers and receptacles, transporting the trash to designated outside trash dumpsters.
  13. Using cleaning chemicals properly and safely by wearing prescribed protective clothing, masks, and/or rubber gloves and boots, following either written or verbal directions for mixing chemical compounds according to the specifications, applying the cleaning chemicals properly on surfaces, and disposing of residual chemical products as directed or storing and labeling them for future use.
  14. Perform security checks of facilities on the courthouse complex, checks designated areas for safety. Reports damage to buildings, facilities, furnishings and equipment, as well as emergency conditions beyond the capability to handle by contacting the supervisor.
  15. Responds to emergency situations that may cause property damage, personal injury or both such as water leaks, flooding, overflowing restrooms fixtures, accidents resulting in the appearance of bodily fluids, broken window and door glass.
  16. Replace interior and/or exterior light bulbs using ladders, lifts and other tools, use special disposal/recycling methods where appropriate.
  17. Assist in preventing accidents resulting from snow- or ice-covered walkways by shoveling or sweeping snow or ice from sidewalks and entrances, and spreading salt, sand or chemicals where necessary
  18. Ensures that restrooms are clean and sanitary, restocking all appropriate paper products, refilling soap dispensers, replacing sanitary disposal liners, and removing all trash and waste products from restrooms.
  19. Perform other related duties as may be assigned.

Performance Responsibilities:

Maintain all facilities and grounds within the courthouse compound (i.e., Courthouse, DMV, Juvenile /Misdemeanor Probation, and Prosecutors Office)


  1. Experience in groundskeeping, landscaping, and sprinkler installation and maintenance.
  2. Experience with landscaping equipment and snow blowers.
  3. Install and maintain sprinkler systems
  4. Mow lawns, trim shrubs, and keep sidewalks clear of snow, ice and brush.
  5. Other responsibilities as assigned by the Supervisor.
  6. Previous experience in custodial duties preferred.
  7. Working knowledge of cleaning procedures, equipment and supplies is required.
  8. Must have a valid driver’s license.
  9. High school diploma or equivalent required.
  10. Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  11. Be able to read, understand, and apply complex written instructions, including operating manuals, directions, SDS Sheet (MSDS), etc.


 Physical requirements:

  1. Prolonged periods standing, walking, bending, and twisting.
  2. Must be physically able to climb ladders, bend, or crawl into awkward spaces, to bend, squat, lift and climb stairs and ladders frequently.
  3. Must be able to lift 50 pounds at a time.
  4. Able to use hands and fingers for fine motor movements.
  5. Ability to use hand tools and small power tools safely.
  6. Ability to accurately solve basic math equations.
  7. Ability to see and hear in order to work safely in diverse conditions


Submit application and resume to the Payette County Clerks Office, 1130 3rd Avenue North, Room 104, Payette, ID 83661 or email both documents as PDF's to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Applications can be downloaded at


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