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Updated on Friday March 5, 2021


    This message is available 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.  

 Jurors 1 through 118, unless previously excused, the  District Trial scheduled for March 10, 2021 will be proceeding.  We need jurors 1-57 at the courthouse at 8am and jurors 61-118 at 8:30am.  When you arrive check in with a bailiff.   If you did not return your COVID questionnaire by mail, please bring it with you that day.

Jurors 120-252, unless previously excused, you are on the docket for a District Trial Tuesday March 16, 2021.  A COVID questionnaire was mailed to you, please complete and promptly return it.  Check the web or code a phone Friday March 12th after 5pm for your reporting instructions.

Jurors for both of these trials  Click here " Jury Commissioner " to send me a message with your reporting number  so I know you have received this information. 

All other jurors check back after 5pm Tuesday March 9, 2021 for possible trials the week of March 22nd -26th, 2021.     

        Thank you.



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