June 8
, 2020

9:00  Landfill, Road & Bridge  
 9:15  Legal Matters - "Action Item"  Executive Session IC 74-206(1)(f) 
9:45  Indigent Matters – Executive Session IC 74-206(1)(d)
“Action Item” Approve/Deny Indigent Cases
10:00  Planning and Zoning Review 
10:15  Administrative Matters - "Action Items" Approve last week's Minutes; Approve Weekly Claims; Approve Permits to sell Non-Aerial Common Fireworks
10:30  Noxious Weed & Gopher Quarterly Review - Noxious Weed & Gopher Department Supervisor Matt Voile
10:45  Canvass of Votes - Christine Poe - “Action Item” Approval of Canvass
11:00  Emergency Management - Lt. Andrew Creech & Assistant Emergency Manager Adam Gonzalez
11:30  Easement - Tony Shaver - "Action Item" Approve Easement
  Any person needing special accommodations to participate in the above noticed meeting should contact the county clerk's office at (208) 642-6000, five days prior to the meeting.



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