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Updated on Tuesday April 13, 2021


    This message is available 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.  

  To all jurors serving April through June.

Jurors 308-439, unless previously excused, you are on the docket for a District Trial Tuesday April 20th. Numbers 308-368 please come to the courthouse at 8:15am, April 20th and jurors 370-439 please come in at 8:40am. 

Jurors 442-550, unless previously excused, you are the docket for District Court Trial Tuesday April 27th.  You will receive a COVID questionnaire in the mail please complete and promptly return it.  You will need to check for your reporting instructions on Tuesday April 20th After 5pm.

All jurors on dockets for trials please Click here ("Jury Commissioner") to send me a message with your reporting number. 

All other jurors please check after 5pm on Tuesday April 20th for possible trials the week of May 3rd-7th.


        Thanks everyone, you're doing an awesome job!



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