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Abatement District
1087 S. Park Street Suite 1 & 2
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Vector Disease Control International
Mosquito Control Specialists

Vector Disease Control International is the sole mosquito control provider for Payette County. We are committed to excellence in vector control and related services. We strive to improve the quality of life through education, surveillance and the control of mosquitos and other disease carrying vectors. At anytime you have questions, comments or need service please contact Nikki Harris.


As expected, the mosquito activities have increase significantly during the last month and anticipating increased mosquito activities for the next month. West Nile has been found in mosquitos N. of Payette, Faulk Bridge and Black Bridge E. of New Plymouth. If you are experiencing problems or planning an outside activity, please contact us for serve. Please remember we will never eradicate all mosquitoes so please Fight the Bite.

Since the beginning of the season 9 different species of mosquitos have been identified throughout the valley. The one most active now is the Aedes Nigromaculis, they are active during the day and are very aggressive with their bite. They are not a health concern just a nuisance.

The Payette County Abatement Board is considering budgeting $178,000.00 of the foregone taxes. We have rented since the creation of the district and with rent cost rising, we feel it will be in the publics best interest to build. The Boards next meeting will be Noon August 26, 2019 at the Salsa Grill in Payette


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