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For questions regarding the current flood status or evacuation notifications please contact the Payette County Dispatch Center at 208-642-6006 ext 1175 


The Dispatch Center is in charge of receiving, transmitting, and recording messages by telephone, radio and computer. Payette County Sheriff’s Dispatch runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All F/T dispatchers are trained as EMDs (Emergency Medical Dispatchers), and can provide emergency care instructions over the phone.



Payette County Dispatch wants to provide the best service to all the businesses within our County.  Business owners can help by faxing in updated responsible list for their businesses every time they change to our Fax# 208-642-6035.  This will allow us to contact the right people after hours about your business if something happens to it.


Businesses within the city of Payette can use the below form and fax it in.

Business Update Form


Notice to Quit $40


Order for Appearance or Examination $40 

Process Service Fee
Certificate of Sale: Personal Property NA
Certificate of Sale: Real Property  NA
Garnishments: State Auditor Requires $10.00 Fee  $10
Garnishment-One time  $40
Garnishment-Continuous- (Commission not to exceed $75.00)  $70
Garnishment - each Interim Return $7
Moving Deposit-This fee does not include court costs. This total will be deducted from the total moving cost: packing, moving, storage, news papers advertisement, Sheriff’s fees, additional deputies, and any other fees that may be occurred  $500
Not Found Return $20
Notice of Landlord Tenant $40
Notice to Quit  $40 
Notice to Vacate  $40 
Order for Appearance or Examination $40 
Order to Show Cause $40 
Posting (Sale Notice) $60
Subpoena-Civil  $40
Small Claims Court S/C  $40
Summons & Complaint  $40
Summons & Petition  $40
Towing fees for Writs and Warrants-Large Vehicles (trucks, tractors, motor homes, farm equipment, etc. The cost may be higher depending on the vehicle).  $275
3-Day/ Notice to Pay Rent or Quit  $40
Warrant of Distraint-Sheriff's Fee  $50
Writs – All  $40


To educate the public in safe boating practices, ethics and legal requirements in order to prevent fatalities and damage relating to recreational boating accidents and to provide the necessary training for Sheriffs' Marine Deputies to enforce Idaho boating laws.


Boat Idaho: Your Guide to Responsible Boating

ONE-DAY FREE safe boating class is offered through the Payette County Sheriff's Office and Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation and is recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard. The subjects covered are:

  • Know Your Boat, Before You Get Underway
  • Operating Your Boat
  • The Legal Requirements of Boating
  • Boating Emergencies
  • Enjoying Water Sports With Your Boat

If you are interested in attending this free, one-day course, please contact the Payette County Sheriff's Office at 208-642-6006 extension 1184 to leave a message for the Boat Deputy with your interest to attend the next class.

Powers as Officer of the Court and Process Server:

State law requires the Sheriff to attend all courts within the County including the Magistrate’s Division when ordered by a District Judge.  Some of the actions taken by the Sheriff’s office in its work for courts include the following:

  • Attaching a defendant’s property upon a writ issued by the Clerk of the Court.
  • Selling attached property to satisfy a judgment.
  • Enforcing execution of foreclosure decrees.
  • Enforcing warrants of distraint against persons delinquent in paying personal property taxes. The Sheriff may be ordered to seize the property of delinquent taxpayers, sell a sufficient amount to pay the tax, and return the proceeds to the County Tax Collector.
  • Serving all processes and notices in a manner prescribed by law.
  • Collecting delinquent income taxes on warrants issued by the State Tax Commission.
  • The Sheriff may demand and receive certain fees for providing these services.

Payette County Civil Division is responsible for executing any legal document, civil in nature issued from the Courts

Civil Office Hours
The Sheriff’s Office Civil Division is open between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. They are closed all legal holidays.

General Information
The Sheriff’s Office requires an original and one (1) copy of all papers to be served.

Your Return of Service will be mailed to you, unless there is not enough time before your court date.  If there is not enough time before your court date, the papers will be held for you to pickup.

Attempted service of papers is based upon the information you provide.  Please include all of the information, which will assist us in successfully serving your papers.

Summons & Complaints:  This information should include physical address; physical description; age and vehicle description, etc.

Garnishments & Civil Protection Orders:  This information should include physical address; Social Security Number; physical description; age; place of employment, work hours, and vehicle description, etc.

Click here for Civil Fees



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